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You have choices when it comes to choosing an immigration attorney to represent you, but too many options can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to know who the right attorney is. Let us assure you that Alexander Vail is the right immigration attorney for you. He’s a skilled lawyer with demonstrated experience in this practice area. However, we know that many lawyers are experienced; discover what truly sets Alex Vail apart below.


Alex’s unique ability to listen emphatically and his profound dedication to immigration law equip him to meet the needs of his clients with his legal services. As the son of a Cuban mother and an Anglo-American father, Alex knows personally how important it is to keep families together—and he will represent your family as if it were his own. We understand that the immigration process can be intimidating and confusing, but one of Alex’s strong qualities is his ability to explain procedures and legal steps in plain language. Our team’s work on previous cases has helped clients with removal defense, family-based immigration, and the naturalization process. Alex also has experience in handling criminal-related matters and can help you if you’ve had any adverse encounters with law enforcement.


Alexander Randolph Vail is the managing partner of the Law Office of Alexander R. Vail. Before establishing his practice, Alex served as head of the Immigration Department at the Las Vegas Defense Group, where he still maintains of-counsel status, consulting with the firm’s criminal defense attorneys on immigration considerations affecting noncitizen defendants facing criminal charges. Before joining the Las Vegas Defense Group, Alex served as a law clerk with the Appeals Unit, Criminal Division, Clark County District Attorney’s Office. There he handled criminal appeals to the Nevada Supreme Court and a variety of post-conviction motions and petitions. Before moving to Las Vegas, Alex served as an attorney-advisor with the Office of the Chief Immigration Judge, Executive Office for Immigration Review, and the U.S. Department of Justice. Specifically, Alex was assigned to the Orlando Immigration Court, where he helped advise the immigration judges at the court on bond- and removal-related issues.

Alex graduated magna cum laude from the University of Miami School of Law and achieved one of the highest marks on the Florida bar examination, earning him the privilege of being the featured speaker at the Florida Fifth District Court of Appeals October 2014 Bar Induction Ceremony. During his time in law school, Alex completed externships in the Broward County Public Defender’s Office and the chambers of the Honorable Adalberto Jordan, Circuit Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. Alex also completed a year-long internship at the University of Miami’s prestigious Immigration Clinic.

Alex has extensive experience in all stages of immigration and criminal cases at both trial and appellate levels. He is a tireless researcher and writer, as well as a skilled negotiator and litigator, bringing an insatiable passion for safeguarding the rights and championing the cause of his clients. Alex is licensed to practice law in Nevada and Florida. He is fluent in both English and Spanish.


From her previous experience working at a notable immigration law firm, Reza Athari & Associates, paralegal Claudia Gensler gained fluency in the mountain of paperwork that can seem overwhelming and intimidating to anyone seeking immigration services. You’ll be in good hands with her at your side. Claudia helps our clients achieve their immigration goals, such as asylee status, immigrant visas, permanent residency, or citizenship. Claudia is especially passionate about helping our Spanish-speaking clientele stay informed, educated, and empowered throughout the immigration process in Nevada. Claudia is fluent in both English and Spanish.


Before joining the Law Office of Alexander R. Vail, Diana worked as the Executive Assistant for Frank Volk at RFK, a real estate company. While working with RFK, Diana (who is also fluent in Spanish) has had several opportunities to travel to Mexico and South America. Before that, Diana worked as a Medical Assistant for Dr. Rita Chuang. An immigrant herself, Diana has always been moved by the plight of those trying to make sense out of the U.S.’s immigration system. This passion motivated her to join the Law Office of Alexander R. Vail, LLC. One fun fact about Diana is that she used to play competitive soccer for 13 years, playing for the ODP Y15-17 Team and traveling all over the United States, Brazil, Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica.

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V.A.V., a native and citizen of the Mexico who had been a lawful permanent resident of the United States for more than three decades, sought the aid of Alex to file an Application for Naturalization (“Form N-400”). He was concerned, however, because he had sustained multiple convictions for driving under the influence in various jurisdictions as well as a battery conviction in violation of Nevada law. Alex prepared the Form N-400 filing, taking special efforts to explain in a memorandum of law why V.A.V.’s convictions did not preclude him from establishing good moral character. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) agreed, approved V.A.V. for naturalization, and he has been sworn in as a United States citizen.

M.S., a native and citizen of Japan who had been admitted as a lawful permanent resident of the United States, sought the aid of Alex to file an Application for Naturalization (“Form N-400”). Alex prepared the Form N-400 filing, prepared M.S. for his interview, and attended the interview with D.S. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) approved him for naturalization, and he has been sworn in as a United States citizen.  

B.D.K. is a native and citizen of Ethiopia who was adopted by U.S. citizens. Her parents sought Alex’s help to bring B.D.K. from Ethiopia to the United States as a lawful permanent resident. Alex handled everything from the filing of the initial family petition all the way through consular processing. B.D.K. was issued an immigrant visa and has been admitted to the United States as a lawful permanent resident.

BOND GRANTED Matter of P.J.R. (2020)
P.J.R. is a native and citizen of Guatemala who had been arrested for battery on a protected person in violation of Nevada law. After he was released on his own recognizance in the pending criminal case, he was transferred to immigration custody where the Department of Homeland Security refused to release P.J.R. on a bond. Alex filed a motion seeking a custody redetermination hearing with the Las Vegas Immigration Court on his behalf, arguing that P.J.R. did not pose a danger to the community or a risk of flight. Satisfied with the evidence presented, the presiding immigration judge set a bond. P.J.R. was released from immigration custody after posting this bond.


“I am originally from China, and I have been a lawful permanent resident of the United States for many years now. I was initially denied citizenship for a very complicated legal reason. Alex has helped make sense of all this to me. He first helped me through the administrative appeal, and when that was not successful, he filed a lawsuit in federal court. What I admire so much about Alex is his honesty through all of this. He explained from the outset that this is going to be an uphill battle. He predicted the denial of the administrative appeal and said that the only place we had a chance of gaining ground is in a federal court. Another thing I really like about Alex is that he shares all of his work product with me. This is why I am able to understand everything that is going on. Everything he files with the court, he shares with me. If I don’t understand something, he explains it well to me. I really feel like a have a champion on my side with Alex as my attorney.” – Client

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